Help Fixing Ubuntu Errors From Nfs Error Log

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    If you see a ubuntu error message in the nfs error log on your computer, it’s time to check out these repair ideas.

    How do I get NFS logs?

    Become a superuser or take on a fantastic role of equal value.(Optional) Modify the file system configuration settings.Add entries for each file system to be shared by creating an NFS server log.Make sure most of the NFS service is running on all servers.(Optional) Start the NFS service.

      mount.nfs4: Access denied by the server, and also mount the server file: / export / path / one 

    Where can I find detailed information about the signal in the forum (under systemd)?

    nfs error log ubuntu

    I asked a similar question on AskUbuntu from an Ubuntu client perspective. Perhaps I am focusing on Arch Linux server. Specifically, I am looking for logs on the server that will allow me to understand the problem.

    Our small local area network is a running Arch Linux NFS v4 file server. We have clients running Ubuntu 15.10, so 16.04. Do we have a client with Ubuntu 14.04. 14.04 client does not migrate to file server. The rest are communicating well. They come from all customers the same way. And all clients are listed in / etc / exports on the server. Needed

    nfs error log ubuntu

    i to finally find detailed error information on the Arch Linux server. However, journalctl does not display anything related to nfs help, and does not necessarily contain all entries related to nfs access denied errors.

    How do I debug NFS problems?

    Enable all NFS debugging (client side). So that you can debug NFS for a prospect: # rpcdebug -m nfs -s all.Enable NFSD-locked debugging (server side). To enable server side debugging of nfsd-lockd: number rpcdebug -m nfsd -s lockd.Enable debugging of RPC calls.

    On April 14, a ping of the file server is possible due to an SSH connection. Username / ID due to what is also like group comparison. (I usethe same user account or the same UID on the client and server. This is uid 1000.Sudo)


      $ mount -a (on client)mount.nfs4: Access denied by web mount server and fileserver: / export / path / onemount.nfs4: Denied access to time server while mounting fileserver ping: / export / path / two 
      $ file serverFile Server PING ( 56 (84) bytes of most data.64 bytes from file server ( icmp_seq = 1 ttl = 64 time = 0.310ms 

    Where are NFS errors logged?

    Solaris provides an NFS logging utility called nfslogd (NFS Transfer Logs). It has a configuration file / etc / nfs / nfslog. conf and stores the logs in the / var / nfs / nf statementslog.

      $ file serverLast ssh login: Tue Aug 16, 14:38:26 2016 from[me @ fileserver ~] $ 

    Export file server mount is available for the entire client in addition to rpcinfo :

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  •   $ showmount -e fileserver number on the clientExport for file server shopping list:/ export / path / some / export / path / two /,$ rpcinfo -p fileserver (on client)    Port the service to the tool    100,000 4 TCP 111 Port Converter    100000 Third TCP Port Converter 111    100000 some tcp one hundred eleven portmappers    100000 think about udp one hundred eleven portmapper    100,000 3 udp one hundred eleven portmapper    100,000 2 UDP 111 Portmapper    100024 1 UDP status 58344    100024 TCP state 58561    100005 1 udp 20048 mounted    100005 only some tcp 20048 mountd    100005 2 udp 20048 mounted    100005 8 tcp 20048 installed    100005 3 udp 20048 mounted    100005 about three tcp 20048 mountd    100003 4 TCP 2049 nfs    100003 four UDP 2049 nfs 

    How do you check NFS mount issues in Linux?

    Install important nfs packages if not already measured on the server # rpm -qa | grep nfs-utils. # yum define nfs-util.Use the mount command to secure exported file systems.Update / etc / fstab to be able to mount NFS shares at boot.

      $ sudo mount -vvv -k nfs4 fileserver: / export / path / one / path / one /    mount: fstab Path: "/ etc / fstab"    mount: mtab Path: "/ etc / mtab"    mount: block path: "/ etc / mtab ~"    install: temporary path: "/etc/mtab.tmp"    Up: UID: 0    frame: e uid: 0    mount: spec: "fileserver: / export / path / one"    mount: node: "/ path / some /"    Support: Type: "nfs4"    mount: select: "(zero)"    mount: external mount: argv [0] = "/sbin/mount.nfs4"    mount: mount: external argv [1] = "fileserver: / export / path / one"    Done: mount: external argv [2] = "/ path / some /"    setting: setting: surface argv [3] = "-v"    attach: mount: extern argv [4] = "-o"    mount: mount: surface argv [5] = "rw"    mount.nfs4: Timeout set to Aug 4th, Mar 16th, 16:10:43 2016    mount.nfs4: test text options 'addr =, clientaddr ='    mount.nfs4: mount (2): access denied   mount.nfs4: Access from server denied while mounting file server: / export / path / one 

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