What Causes The Writedump Minidump Example And How To Fix It

You should read these recovery methods if you encounter a sample minidumpwritedump error code on your computer.

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     // ============================================ == = =============// The entry point that is checked in case of an unhandled exception// ================================================ = ==========LONG WINAPI WheatyExceptionReport :: WheatyUnhandledExceptionFilter (PEXCEPTION_POINTERSTCHAR pExceptionInfo) name_folder_module [PATH_MAX];GetModuleFileName (0, module_folder_name, MAX_PATH);TCHAR * pos = _tcsrchr (module_folder_name, '');if (! pos)Returns 0;pos [0] = ' 0';++ pos;TCHAR crash_folder_path [MAX_PATH];sprintf (crash_folder_path, "% s % s", module_folder_name, CrashFolder);if (! CreateDirectory (crash_folder_path, NULL))if (GetLastError ()! means ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS)Returns 0;SYSTEMTIME system;GetLocalTime (& system);sprintf (m_szDumpFileName, "% s % s_% s _ [% u-% u_% u-% u-% u] .dmp",crash_folder_path, _HASH, fea, systime.wDay, systime.wMonth,systime.wHour, systime.wMinute, systime.wSecond);sprintf (m_szLogFileName, "% s % s_% s _ [% u-% u_% u-% u-% u] .txt",crash_folder_path, _HASH, pos, systime.wDay, systime.wMonth,systime.wHour, systime.wMinute, systime.wSecond);m_hDumpFile corresponds to CreateFile (m_szDumpFileName, GENERIC_WRITE, 0, 0, 0);M_hReportFile open_always,file_flag_write_through equals CreateFile (m_szLogFileName, GENERIC_WRITE, 0, 0,OPEN_ALWAYS, FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH, 0);if (m_hDumpFile)Information about MINIDUMP_EXCEPTION_INFORMATION;info.ClientPointers = FALSE;info.ExceptionPointers = pExceptionInfo;info.ThreadId = GetCurrentThreadId ();MiniDumpWriteDump (GetCurrentProcess (), GetCurrentProcessId (),m_hDumpFile, MiniDumpWithIndirectlyReferencedMemory, & info, 0,0);CloseHandle (m_hDumpFile);if (m_hReportFile)SetFilePointer (m_hReportFile, 0, 7, FILE_END);GenerateExceptionReport (pExceptionInfo);CloseHandle (m_hReportFile);m_hReportFile = 0;if (m_vorherigerFilter)return m_previousFilter (pExceptionInfo);differentreturn Aria-label = "Article exception_execute_handler / * exception_continue_search * /;

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      BOOL MiniDumpWriteDump (  [in] HANDLE hProcess,  [in] Process ID DWORD,  [in] HANDLE h file,  [in] MINIDUMP_TYPE Dump type,  [in] PMINIDUMP_EXCEPTION_INFORMATION ExceptionParam,  [in] PMINIDUMP_USER_STREAM_INFORMATION UserStreamParam,  [input] PMINIDUMP_CALLBACK_INFORMATION CallbackParam); 


    A handle to the methods for which information is to be generated.

    This descriptor must have PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION andPROCESS_VM_READ Transaction Access for Processing. If you need to get information about processing, thenYou also need access to PROCESS_DUP_HANDLE. For more information see Process security and access rights .The caller must also be posted to gain THREAD_ALL_ACCESS access to threads inTreat. To see clearly Information about feed, security and permissions .

    ID of the process for which this information should be generated.

    Manipulation of the file to be written your information.

    Special type of information to generate. This parameter can be one or more values ​​fromEnumeration MINIDUMP_TYPE .

    Advice for MINIDUMP_EXCEPTION_INFORMATION A structure describing a software exception that caused a minidump growth to be generated. If the meaning refers to itThe parameter is NULL, there is no other information in the minidump file.

    Advice for MINIDUMP_USER_STREAM_INFORMATION Structure. If the joy of this parameter is NULL, it is not personalized information.contain the latest minidump file.

    Pointer to MINIDUMP_CALLBACK_INFORMATION A structure that identifies the callback to which the extended minidump information applies. A real event of valuethis parameter is NULL, just no callback is executed.

    Return Value

    If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE; otherwise the return valueWRONG. To get an extended error callInformation about GetLastError . Please note that the last oneThe flex will remain enabled.HRESULT value.

    minidumpwritedump sample

    The MiniDumpCallback function gets extended information.MiniDumpWriteDump minidump. It is toogives the caller a special opportunity to know the granularity of the recorded information to include in a minidump file, for exampleCallback function filters can be standard information.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore

  • MiniDumpWriteDump must come from a file. be calleda separate process, whether it is possible or not, instead of exiting the target process, which will be rejected. This is specialTrue, if each of our target processes is already stable, it may not be. Example if it crashed recently. A charger jam is always one of themany possible side effects when callingMiniDumpWriteDump from targetProcess.

    minidumpwritedump sample

    MiniDumpWriteDump must not create a valid stack.tracing for the calling thread. To find ways to work around this issue, you first need to check the caller status.Calling and Using MiniDumpWriteDumpExceptionParam as a parameter. One way to do this is to call an exception Inside__ try / __ except block and enjoy the benefits EXCEPTION_POINTERS Information provided GetExceptionInformation . you also cancan create a function from a newbie workflow and filter that employee flow from a dump.

    All functions like dbghelp are built directly into streams. Hence, calls to more are made with thread function number one.This does indeed lead to unexpected behavior or the ability to remember corruption. To avoid this, you can synchronizeat the same time, more calls to you in the thread for this function.


    Target Platform Windows
    Title minidumpapiset.h (including Dbghelp.h)
    Library Dbghelp.lib
    DLL Dbghelp.dll; Dbgcore.dll
    Redistributable DbgHelp.dll and Dbgcore.dll

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