Fixed Computer Freezing On BIOS Screen

In this user guide, we will discuss some of the possible causes that can cause your computer to freeze when restoring the BIOS screen, and then the possible solutions to fix this problem.

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  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore
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    Correct the cause of the BIOS error message on the monitor.Unplug all USB drives and remove any drives around optical drives.Clear CMOS.Check your diet.Reinstall every item on your computer.

    Sometimes we run into problems like this and don’t know what to do, when your computer is stuck in the BIOS, you start to suspect everything else and think that your computer is dead and you should be able to get a new one, well. .. No! At least until you fix the problem completely.

    Obviously, this problem is easy to solve, so don’tworry, but in the end you can buy parts or replace the real cause of the difficulty and start repairing right away.

    Failed Hard Drive

    During my research, I found that the most common excuse, at least I think so, is the hard drive. Some friends have reported that replacing the hard drive solved their problem, so this is the main part of your computer that needs to be checked or examined.

    In order to determine if the hard drive is the problem, you should connect it to another computer system or try another system with your current favorite computer. Usually, if the problem is indeed with the hard drive, users should start Windows now.

    Check all cables connected to the hard drive and connect them correctly.

    Advice. Make sure the SATA cable is connected properly by inserting it further into the hard drive or even into the optical drive.

    RAM Is Bad Or Incorrectly Installed

    The second component to check is RAM. If you have two rams, try swapping them or sometimes just use one when your desktop no longer freezes then congratulations now you need to decide what you are actually going to do buy a new stick of ram if you find this broken one or lifeless, or leave it for now.

    If you’re 100% sure your flash drive hasn’t run out of power, chances are the motherboard connector is bad, assuming the whole motherboard isn’t considered bad.

    If the problem persists, try the other steps below.

    Power Cord And CMOS Battery

    Unplug the power cord, then press the power button to produce 10 seconds or 1 minute, and also reinstall the specific CMOS battery, the CMOS battery assembly is a silver rounded color, which is often also their date-preserving BIOS settings.

    You can reset it by simply throwing it in the trash and inserting it again within 5-10 minutes.

    Disable All

    Also disable any unnecessary peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, and thenImportantly, just leave the power cord, so try to start the computer, if the headache is gone and one of the peripherals is faulty or broken, you should check all one by one. which part has the problem, replace it.

    Try A Faulty Motherboard

    After some of the above steps have failed, you should start to suspect where the motherboard died. A few signs of a faulty motherboard are usually as follows.

  • Broken parts or cracks
  • Smoking
  • Age
  • High voltage or power surges.
  • computer freezes at bios screen fix

    Advice. Make sure the computer is clean, dust does not heat it up, there are no repeated beeps and all fans are working properly

    Bad MBR

    In short, the MBR is a very important sector that resides on your hard drive and is responsible for starting Windows. If for some reason it gets corrupted, you won’t be able to start Windows.

    Why am I stuck on my BIOS screen?

    Causes of PC freezing on the motherboard screen The problem can appear for a number of reasons: Damaged BIOS: If your motherboard’s BIOS has been corrupted for some reason, you can try to avoid many problems within the time limit, such as:

    There is an online guide to help you fix the MBR, this is the situation

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore

  • The BIOS is an extremely important part of any motherboard as it allows users to troubleshoot their personal computers. The abbreviation stands for Basic the Input Output System. Helps to start the computer, so if there is a problem and you are stuck on his computer, you need help and people need it quickly. The thing is, if you can’t continue working while on screen, you can’t effortlessly do anything else on your company’s system, since you have to navigate from there to start the computer.

    computer freezes at bios screen fix

    But there is a way. This information will show you how easy it is to solve this problem, so be careful.

    What Should I Do If My PC Freezes At The BIOS Screen?

    What to do if computer freezes in BIOS?

    Restart or restart your computer.Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to access Load Defaults, Load Optimized Defaults, Reset, and other similarly named options.

    Go to the heart of this article and find out what you can offer when your computer is stuck right at the BIOS screen by following our methods below:

    1. Restore Usdefault BIOS Triplets

    You must first access the BIOS settings before they can be reset. To practice, do the following:

  • Turn on the computer and keep pressing the answer key during boot, at which point you will want to take control of the bios. On the screen, you will probably see the exact primary key, which is basically “F2”, although on some laptops it’s “DEL”. It doesn’t matter what it is; Your laptop will load the BIOS settings as soon as you press the desired key the required number of times.
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